Lasers have not only transformed dentistry, but also the entire medical industry. Lasers contain a variety of great uses and benefits. There are a number of different types of lasers, each with their own specific purpose.


At Front Royal, we use lasers to perform a number of cosmetic and general procedures. We have both soft tissue lasers and hard tissue lasers. Our dentists use them to:

  • Use 1
  • Use 2
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  • Use 4
  • Use 5



Advantages of Dental Lasers


Laser dentistry is fast, accurate, quiet and virtually painless. Laser procedures will result in little or no bleeding, because the laser actually seals tissue as it is being worked on. With such little trauma being done to the body, you will recover faster and more efficiently. Infections will not occur due to the lasers ability to kill off microorganisms as it works.


Let’s say you have laser gum recontouring, the soft-tissue laser will vaporize any pieces of gum tissue according to a pre-designed plan. This brings more of your teeth into view and gives your smile a more complete, youthful look. Your teeth were never too short, they were just covered by your gums. After a treatment like this, you will be able to walk right out of our office and resume life as normal.


Another benefit of laser dentistry is that is cauterizes while it treats. This means that no infections will develop and all microorganisms will be killed. This is especially beneficial during root canal procedures.



What is a Laser?


Lasers are man-made devices, delivering energy in light form. The light is not scatters, but highly targeted. It travels in parallel beams and can be focused with extreme accuracy. Every laser will have its own vibration frequency, which corresponds to a specific color.


Every laser generates heat, but some are relatively “cool”. There are several ways that one can cool a laser beam, preventing it from burning tissue. Lasers that are used in surgical or dental work act as a cutting instrument, far more precise than any blade or scalpel.



Our Use of Lasers in Dentistry


When one of our highly-trained dentists uses a laser for your procedure, they are in complete control. The laser can be set according to the specific treatment and since they have such a focused beam, it can be directed to hard to reach places.


Some anesthetic may be needed, depending on your procedure. Lasers can be calibrated to penetrate tissue at any specific depth, keeping it away from nerves and blood vessels.


When removing tooth decay, a laser will leave behind more healthy tissue than if traditional drilling were done. With a drill, you would feel discomfort immediately, but with a laser you will find yourself calm and relaxed throughout the entire process.


Focused on Your Safety and Comfort


With today’s modern technology, there are little to no reasons to fear a dentist visit. If you are a person who has never enjoyed seeing a dentist, rest assured that we understand your anxiety and are here to do whatever we can to help. We offer sedation dentistry, which will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable.


Please call (number) or email Front Royal Dental care today to schedule your first consultation. One of our highly-trained professionals will be there to answer any of your questions. We know that you will love our office and hope you find comfort in our incredibly friendly facility.