Endodontic therapy is typically referred to as a root canal. This can preserve your natural tooth, even when the inside of that tooth has become decayed or damaged.


Stop pain with a root canal


When a root canal is done properly, by an experienced dentist, it does not have to be painful. If you are in need of the procedure, you are likely experiencing all sorts of pain. Thankfully, endodontic therapy can stop that pain altogether.


How Endodontic Therapy Works


When problems are treated in the early stages, the tooth can be saved. We accomplish this by effectively cleaning out all bacteria, debris and infected material. During the endodontic treatment, an experienced dentist will fill the root canal with GuttaPercha (a rubbery substance) and place a porcelain crown over the remaining structure the tip of the root will then be sealed off to prevent any leaking or damage.


Once the treatment is complete, you will be left with a tooth that has no nerve. The tooth will look, feel and function just like regular teeth. But the absence of the nerve will mean that you’ll have no more toothaches… ever.


You do not need the nerve to use your tooth to its full potential. It can exist indefinitely without its nerve, while still allowing you to live a normal, pain-free life.



If you have been suffering from painful toothaches, call Front Royal Dental today at (number). Do not delay the problem and let it get any worse than it already is. You only have one set of teeth, treat them right and give them lots of attention.