To have a beautiful smile, you need to have healthy gums and good overall oral health. Gum disease will be your greatest enemy when looking for a beautiful smile.


Periodontal therapy both treats and prevents gum disease. It relieves pain, protects you from losing teeth and keeps the overall health of your jawbone in check.


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What is Gum Disease?


Gum disease is gum inflammation and infection, it’s also the inevitable result of poor dental hygiene. It usually begins with zero symptoms, yet will slowly progress through your tooth, gum, jawbone and then into your blood stream where it increases symptoms as it grows inside your body. Eventually, it can affect your entire physical health.


Every human mouth is home to certain bacteria, that’s why we floss and brush daily – to remove bacteria on a regular basis and keep their numbers down to an appropriate level for good dental health. If you do not treat the bacteria, they will multiply and spread, slowly eating away at your tooth enamel.