Front Royal Dental Care has been providing our patients with high-quality porcelain tooth crowns for many years. We offer pearly-white, all-porcelain tooth crowns as the best solution both cosmetically and functionally for severely decayed or damaged teeth.


When Do I Need a Crown?


When a tooth has experienced decay only in the visible portion above the gum line, a simple filling will not be able to correct it. A crown can be used to completely cover the tooth, preserving and prolonging its life.


Once decay has extended into the tooth’s root, endodontic treatment may be necessary. When a tooth is missing completely, a dental implant can be used to supply an artificial root, with a porcelain crown, dental bridge or denture attached – thus providing you with a new tooth.


Dental crowns are permanently cemented to the tooth, giving it a completely new surface and shape. Teeth crowns can be used to cover any tooth, back or front. They can be a great solution for large metal fillings, which have become old, outdated and lead to cracked teeth.